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This applies to your floor design and how you organize shared objects such as the coffee machine, snacks, or the television in a conference room, which is very important in commercial offices. With the guidance of an experienced interior designer, you will be able to work with your specific area to develop a floor plan that “flows” with how people will naturally move around the room.

  • Chair experts Summit At Home have been making chairs for over 45 years for the NHS, schools and businesses, and now you can get one for your home – and you won’t even have to compromise on aesthetics.
  • Note that you should only work for around 20 minutes on your exercise ball and then switch to a chair.
  • They provide you with comfortable seating while not taking up too much space.
  • From there, choose Schedule night light, then pick between Sunset to sunrise or Set hours.

If you can’t escape a busy house, some noise-cancelling headphones will help. There are also free smartphone apps that can help recreate the ambient sounds of, say a coffee shop, to get you in the work frame of mind. You’ll want to make sure that it’s as clutter-free home office tips as possible, as a busy work area can be a pain to walk around. Many households will have the internet router set up behind the TV in the living room. If that’s the case, you’re more likely to get a speedy internet connection while using a laptop in the same room.

Get the lighting right

Ensuring everything has a placed to be stored can also help increase your organisation and productivity, which in turn helps promote feelings of confidence and optimism. Whether you opt for a Scandi-inspired weave or faux sheepskin, elevate your workspace with a little bit of texture and warmth underfoot. ‘I think decorative objects tend to have a little bit more power when they’re grouped in multiples,’ Nate Berkus says of accessorizing your workspace. Use the same frames for a more polished effect or different styles and colors for something totally unique. While it might seem like most office shelves are just thrown together with work related knick-knacks, the reality is that the majority of them are carefully curated for maximum effect. The couple retrofitted a cabinet in their home to accommodate a workspace, and finds value in under-utilized or overlooked nooks and crannies of a home.

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This brass finish plant pot stand is designed with an X-shaped base that creates a minimalist yet well-balanced look. In busy households, small homes and open-plan spaces, it’s become harder to carve out personal space. Partitions and room dividers are key here – screen dividers can be moved when not in use and can fold away to save space.

Home office ideas, tips and inspiration

For example, we’ve designed desk areas in open-plan spaces that blend in with the kitchen and can be closed off when not in use. By having a designated space like this means that you can store everything that you need in one place.

  • Adding shelves to the wall is a great way of filling up a lot of open wall space.
  • Arrange plenty of mirrors around the room to reflect any natural light you do have.
  • There are many stylish solutions out there to reduce tech clutter and cables everywhere, but you need to give it a little though while designing your office.
  • You’re going to spend a lot of time in your office, so you want a desk that will serve you well without overshooting your budget.

Check your ball has anti-burst technology to avoid any potential accidents. Just as you should have a decent desk, you should have equally suitable seating. Good seating will offer sound pelvic and lumbar support, keeping your posture healthy and sparing you lower back pain, headaches, fatigue and other woes. It should also make it easier to concentrate, be more productive and withstand longer hours at your desk. Here at Design for Me, we’ve helped thousands of homeowners all over the UK to find the best interior designer for their project.


All you need is a corner and our expert tips to set up a workspace in your living room. Now home working is becoming a more permanent thing it’s natural to start to set up your home office with all the essentials. Moving around the house to work depending on the task in hand creates a change of scene. The sofa or even a bed can be a great place for quiet reading or talking on the phone leaving a small home office free for another family member who may need to work at a desk or table.

Small Office Design Ideas for Every Kind of Work-from-Home Setup – Better Homes & Gardens

Small Office Design Ideas for Every Kind of Work-from-Home Setup.

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